North Reading Historical and Antiquarian Society

PO Box 354

North Reading, MA 01864

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Merchandise is available when the Putnam House is open or by emailing info@nreadinghistory.


Pewter Key Chains, Magnets & Ornaments - $12

Merch_Pew_Library.jpg Merch_Pew_WVSchool.png Merch_Pew_Putnam.png Merch_Pew_
Batch.png Merch_Pew_Hillview.png Merch_Pew_3rdMeeting.jpg Merch_Pew_Ryers.png Merch_Pew_2ndParish.png Merch_Pew_WW.png Merch_Pew_Sesq.png Merch_11_Mug.png Merch_12_Notecards.png Merch_Pew_Damon.png

Mugs - $8 (1 left)

Note Cards - $5

Acorn or Putnam House Necklaces - $4












Merch_31.jpg Merch_13.png Merch_14.png Merch_15.png Merch_20_Desc.jpg Merch_21_Map.jpg

Adult Tee Shirts: 

Small, Medium $15, XXL $15


Youth Tee Shirt $12

Tote Bag - $15 (1 left)

Rufus Porter Book - $25

Artist, inventor and journalist, Rufus Porter painted the murals on the ballroom walls of the Damon Tavern around 1835.

Childrens Tee Shirts - $5 

White (1 left) and Gray (1 left) 6-8; White (5 left) and Gray (6 left) 10-12

All shirts have both front and back art

Merch_25.jpg Merch_afghan_cran.png

Afghans - $49

Custom-designed, 48"W x 65"L, medium weight, two-ply ivory 100% homespun cotton. Cranberry red, Wedgewood blue, hunter green and navy blue.

The Church Book CD - $10

Blueberry and Amethyst. Manufactured by Pairpoint Glass Company, of Sagamore, Mass.

Merch_22.jpg Merch_19.jpg Merch_18.jpg Merch_23.jpg Merch_24.jpg

North Reading Description - $10

An excerpt from Gazetteer of Massachusetts, written by the Rev. Elias Nason, M.A., in 1873



Map of North Reading (1875) - $15

Reprinted from the Original Antique Atlas of Middlesex County Massachusetts. From actual surveys by and under the direction of F.W. Beers